Lord of the Flies Summary – Novel by British author William Golding

Before starting Lord of the Flies Summary, let’s discuss The lord of the Flies author William Golding, who was born in September 19, 1911 and died in June 19, 1993. He was a British novelist, playwright, and poet. He known for his famous novel Lord of the Flies. The lord of the Flies is a first novel of author William Golding. The novel was published in 17 September 1954. Lord of the Flies Summary main character is Ralph, Jack and Piggy.

Lord of the Flies Short Summary

The story starts with a situation where a plane which was carrying a group of schoolboys was shot over the Pacific ocean faced a terrible incident when the pilot of the plane was killed however; the boys somehow survived and were found to be stuck all alone on a deserted island where there was nobody out there. The two boys in the story have been the point of attention being Ralph who is the eldest among all the boys stuck and is a very confident and handsome boy in the group and another boy is Piggy who has a very high level of intelligence with him.

In order to form a perfect and smooth system Ralph owns a conch shell which he used to blow in order to gather the boys. There is a boy named as Jack who leads the choir, another boy named as Simon also leads Jack and their mission to explore the island begins.

As the boys started to march they came to know that they have stuck on a deserted island and the need to first find food for themselves, the three of the boys found a pig and Jack tried to kill the pg but was unsuccessful. As the expedition came to an end Ralph decided to have a meeting with all the boys and he told them that he will now set rules for the island and anyone who breaks them will be punished, however Piggy was showing his stress for the long term survival. However, Ralph proposes to build on a mountain fire so that their presence may be signaled to the passersby. The boys then started to build the fire, as the time passes one the little ones got tired and Piggy’s glasses played an essential role in this case as the boys used them to start the fire. Piggy got a bit irritated and was worried about not having shelters first because he was concerned that the number of boys present is unknown and had a thought in mind that they have missed one boy.

Jack has been busy hunting for pigs and Ralph continues to help boys build shelters, the smallest boy has not helped even a bit and the boys responsible for hunting for food in the choir or Jack have made their day passed in nothing but swimming. Jack was tired in the task of hunting for pigs and he told Ralph that he felt as if he was actually being hunted, Simon has been the one who has helped Ralph a lot and when he took break for bath he rather than bathing started to walk around the entire jungle because he found the place very calm having bushes and flowers with an excellent aroma.

The boys started to spend their day in a perfectly smooth pattern and the little boys were mostly found to be searching for fruit which they may eat. The boys were decent with one another despite of the fact that there were no adults with them. Jack was found to be busy in the task of hunting and Piggy was busy building a sundial. In the meanwhile a ship passes through but didn’t stop by since the fire went off; Piggy started blaming Jack for this. He said to them that they have been not following their duty and are instead busy killing the pigs, in this the situation between Jack and Piggy became worst and Jack punched Piggy and during all this a lens of Piggy’s glasses broke. In this event, the Jack and is team started to chant and they performed a dance by making Maurice pretend to be a pig, “Kill the pig. Cut her throat. Bash her in”

Ralph becomes way too worried about all this and the behavior of the Jack and his hunters, he appreciated Piggy and his maturity and in a meeting he also criticized the buyers as they didn’t not assisted neither the fire nor the building of shelters. He also told them that fire is one of the most important things because that is the only chance of their rescue.

Ralph told the boys that there is nothing to be scared of but the little boys said that they saw a beast when they woke up to which Simon said that they might have seen him walking in the jungle and so such beast exist out there. A fight between Ralph and Piggy started once again because according to Ralph rules were the only thing the boys have and should be taken care of to which Piggy had no acceptance to.

Jacket then led the expedition to hunt for the beats and Ralph, Piggy and Simon were only left behind. Piggy warned Ralph that if Jack will lead the boys as a chief they could never get rescued. At the night time, a n aerial battle led a pilot to come down the island and he was dead, the boys while were busy rekindling the fire and they saw the pilot they assumed it was a beats and informed Ralph about it, Jack then made a call for the hunt and Piggy instated that everyone must stay together.

Ralph also joined the hunters although he had to take care of the fire and things were also heating up between Jack and Ralph as Jack refused to consider conch as something relevant and Ralph told him that he is not interested in being rescued. As the boys reached on the other side of the island, Jack showed his which that he wants to build a fort at the sea. The hunters were busy looking for the beast and ended up finding a boar that attacked Jack but Jack stabbed it and it ran away. The hunters became energetic and aggressive and started to chant once again. In the meanwhile Ralph got to realize that Piggy and the little boys are on the other side of the island and Simon also offered that the Piggy must be informed the rest of the boys will not be back that night.

Ralph also got to know that Jack actually hates him and also mocks over him calling him cowardice, however, as the boys got to see what they considered beast that started to run away from there. Ralph was back to the shelter and told Piggy about what they saw but Piggy was still in the state of doubt. However Ralph wanted to dismiss the boys with sticks but Jack started to accuse him and also said that he must be removed from the position of chief however, Ralph retained support and also his position.

Piggy gave a suggestion that if the beast doesn’t want them to build fire on the mountain top they must start building the fire on the beach and when they work with common sense the will survive. Simon left to sit calmly in the open space he found earlier and Jack as usual claimed to be the chief of hunters. The choir of Jack then went to the castle rock for feast and building their fort where ret killed a pig and had food.

They also came back and offered other boys to join them for fun and everyone joined them except for Ralph and Piggy. Simon while sitting on the open space came across the head of a pig which was left by the hunters and started dunning The Lord of the Flies because the insects were swarming around it. he felt as the head spoke to him and the head of the pig claimed of being the beast, however, Simon lost his consciousness and as soon as he regains it back he found the dead pilot and rushed down to the mountain to alert everyone about what happened with him and what he found.

Ralph and Piggy were playing at the lagoon and they went towards the boys to check out if nothing unfortunate happens to them. As they came across Jack a fight for being chief started again and the boys started to dance when Ralph informed them about the storm. Simon started to rush form the forest and told; everyone about the dead body and took the impression of a beast and was killed the boys.

As Ralph and Piggy discussed the death of the Simon they justified that they took part in it but just because of the feat they had in heart and the four body who are no more the part of the Jack’s choir are Piggy, Ralph and the two boys who helped in creating the fire on mountain.

At the Castle Rock the team of Jack was found to be present and Jack treated boys with a bit arrogance tying one of them and warning them about the beast. However, the wanted to start the fire and when they thought who they would start fire Jack told them that they will still it form the other four boys. Though Ralph and Piggy found difficult to manage everything on their own still they did and went to their shelters for sleeping. Jack and his team attacked the four boys however, that survived with some injuries. Piggy then got to know the purpose of their attack which was to steal his glasses for fire.

After the entire situation, Ralph and Piggy went to Jack on the castle rock and requested them to act with decency that also said to them that they should act with care and Ralph summons the boys with his conch, Jack told them to leave, however, Ralph called the buys painted fools since Jack was not listening to their appeal. On this Jack took Eric and Sam two boys with Ralph and Piggy as prisoners and tied them, Piggy told everyone that it’s better to be sensible like Ralph rather than being a pack of painted Indians, on this he was being hit by a rock and he fall on the beach off from a mountain ending up dying.

Ralph ran away and hides there near Castle Rock. He saw that the boys are all dressed up differently and he is unable to identify them and Sam and Eric are now the guards of the Jack’s camp, the urge Ralph to leave after giving him some meat. Ralph then realizes that the boys have started to roll the rock down the mountain and he also came across the fact that boys are hunting for him, but he soon got to realize that they are all planning to set the entire forest on fire so that he burnt down.

Ralph started to run towards the beach to save his life and he collapses there where a naval officer with his ship arrived and the officer thought that the boys are just playing games and scolds them for their behaviors. In this situation Ralph was upset on the death of Piggy and also on the loss of innocence of the boys.

Lord of the Flies Characters

Piggy, Roger, Eric, Jack, Simon, Ralph, Sam.

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