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Before starting Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix Summary, let’s discuss the author J. K. Rowling (Joanne Rowling), who was born in 31 July 1965. J. K. Rowling is a British novelist, philanthropist, film producer, television producer and screenwriter. Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix was published in 21 June 2003. The Order of the Phoenix is a fifth part of Harry Potter fantasy novel series.

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Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix Summary

It was a hot sunny day and Harry was at the Dursleys, well he was a bit upset with the fact that he didn’t get much information in the letters about Voldemort and while he was wondering about it he and his cousin were attacked by a Little Whinging. As soon as he used his magic he received owl’s succession in which he was asked to attend the disciplinary hearing and he was a bit confused and worried that whether they are going to expel him from Hogwarts this time. As he went back to the school he found pretty much different scenario there as it was when he actually left. He noticed that Hagrid is missing and there were school carriages being pulled by skeletal horses which were only visible to Harry. He also found out that it was Toadlike which was the new defense against Dark Arts teacher and he also came across a ministry representative much familiar to with Harry.

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The students out there were also muttering about the explanation given by the ministry that Dumbledore and Harry are all crazy and nothing like coming back of Voldemort exists anywhere in the school and is just an imagination of Harry and Dumbledore and nothing else.

It was only Ron and Hermione who have been to the side of Harry and this is the only thing in the school which keeps Harry in the good mood. However, since Harry is much upset with everything there in the school he sometimes reacted much badly and this led him to detention for a lot of weeks. A professor who has been a new professor sat the Hogwarts being Professor Umbridge he was keeping a serious control of his on the entire school and was disliked by Harry due to his weird behavior and attitude.

The tussle between Harry and Umbridge kept on heating up and she does everything she wanted to do from taking way the letters from Sirius and visits to Hagrid which made Harry retaliate and fight back and in order to make success eminent Harry formed a new army named as Dumbledore’s Army. He in this army taught his friends how to fight back.

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The workload was increasing in the school since exams were just round the corner and so was the tyranny of Umbridge increasing on Harry yet he was dreaming about his crush being Cho Chang. He was lost in his dreams and found himself in the doors locked in the dark corridors and he was then turned in the form of a tiny antenna and came across Voldemort too.

Situation at the school became heated when Umbridge got to know about the secret army created by Harry and in order to protect Harry Dumbledore took the entire claim over him that he was the one who created it and not Harry. Harry was in gilt after all this happened and this led Harry to make a safe escape from the school after the situation got worsens. This entire installment was filled with a battle between good and bad and later on Dumbledore also revealed to Harry that either Harry will kill Voldemort or he will be killed by Voldemort.

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I hope you will have understood the complete novel “Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix Summary“. If you are interested to read the complete novel, you can Download or buy Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix PDF.

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